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Land Classification



Land devoted primarily to the systematic raising of animals, plants, fungi, or other life forms that eventually produce food, fiber, medicinal, or other products.


A subterranean cavity suitable for a variety of uses including but not limited to recreation, storage, or production of fungi or other living organisms.


A tract of land used for burial of corpses. Often includes a mausoleum, which is an above-ground structure where the remains of the deceased are place as a final resting place. May also contain a crematory, which reduce the remains of corpses to ashes by intense heat, a chapel or place for services, an administrative building, and sheds and buildings for landscaping equipment.


Land primarily intended for the sale of goods or services to consumers / end users.


Land now known to be contaminated, or land previously contaminated but now remediated.


An interest in real property that conveys use, but not ownership to a portion of a property. Common easements include but are not limited to: access, utility, and right-of way. Specialty easements include but are not limited to: conservation, preservation, aerial, and flowage.


Land intended or used for wind, solar, or other form of energy production.


Land destined for one or more dwelling units. A dwelling unit is a single-housing unit occupied by one or more related or unrelated people living together as a social group.


Land devoted to research, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, distribution, treatment, or recycling of finished or raw goods, materials, or products.

Mixed Use

Land intended to serve a mixture of housing, commercial, office, and / or light industrial uses.

Park & Open Space

Land excluded from development and set aside for green space, wildlife habitat, and passive or active recreation. Typically one of three ownership types: (1) private open space adjacent to dwellings owned by individual residents, (2) public open space owned by government, and (3) common open space owned by a community association and set aside for the use of residents.

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Land that is or could be improved with one or more uses within a major, single or phased development. Typically includes one or more of these uses: housing, office, industrial, retail, or lodging. Often requires special review and approval by local government.

Public Service

Land intended for, or used by government or an institution. Can be used by an individual or groups (a.k.a. the general public). Examples include but are not limited to: military facilities, police and fire stations, courthouses, governance buildings, utility stations, education, and recreation.


Land devoted to religious practices or housing including but not limited to: churches, temples, synagogues, chapels, seminaries, convents, monasteries, rectories, mosques, shrines, or houses of worship, etc.


Land for sports, entertainment, and other recreational activities.


Land with merchantable trees, timber, or timber products that is periodically harvested. Time between harvests varies depending on the species and growing conditions. Interim uses may include passive and active recreation like hunting.


Land not suitable for the economical production of beneficial crops including but not limited to river bottoms, sand hills, rock outcroppings, sandy washes, areas of high salinity, and land that is inaccessible by typical farm equipment.


Undisturbed, wild, natural, uninhabited, and uncultured land that is used only for passive recreation.


All other land uses not classified otherwise.

Building Classification


No Building

No building.


Uses with significantly valuable structures devoted to growing, handling, processing, and distribution of food, fiber, medicinal, and animal products.

Assembly / Meeting Place

Facilities for public or private meetings.

Commercial & Retail

All commercial uses involve the buying or selling of goods and / or services. A retail use is a type of commercial that sells products to consumers and where a retail sales tax is collected. Some commercial uses like a laundromat, barbershop or dry cleaners, sell services, not products. All retail uses are commercial in nature; all commercial uses are not retail.

Energy Generation

A facility or structure designed to produce electrical power.


Facilities for public or private, acute or chronic, health and medical services. .


Property as a place to live. A dwelling unit is a single-housing unit occupied by one or more related or unrelated people living together as a social group.


Property primarily for research, development, production, storage or distribution of raw or finished goods, materials, or products.


Large-scale, fundamental & essential facilities and systems usually owned by a local government, public utility, or a private enterprise hired by local government. However, infrastructure may be privately owned. Examples include transportation, communication, water, sewer, and electricity systems. Most infrastructure is classified as a structure, not a building.

Lodging & Hospitality

Property designed primarily to serve short- or medium-term overnight stays in a commercial establishment.

Military Facility

A government-owned property supporting the armed forces.

Mixed Use

One or more buildings containing multiple property use types.


A property offering finished space designed primarily for businesses, and business support services such as administration, accounting, marketing, information processing and dissemination, consulting, human resource management, financial and insurance services, educational and medical services, and other professional services.

Public Service

Buildings or structures provided by government or an institution to assist or serve the public.


Properties where people congregate, often in large numbers, for sports related, entertainment, or recreational activities.

Shopping Centers

A collection of retail stores with a common parking area, and generally one or more large department, discount, or food stores; sometimes includes an enclosed mall or walkway. Uses below generally organized by building size, then specialty

Special Purpose

Property generally not owned by government or institution with limited use due to its configuration, special nature, or other constraints.


Uses primarily pertaining to the loading and unloading of passengers. Facilities for aircraft and large watercraft / ships have accommodations for loading and unloading both passengers and freight. See similar Industrial, Large Ground Vehicles.


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