Why TaterDAO?

You're probably wondering why we chose TaterDAO as the name of this business. Well, Tater, LLC is our Wyoming Series LLC. More importantly, we wanted to have web3 fun and we have combined backgrounds in agriculture and real estate. Potato farms kept seeming to come up in our trash talk. TaterDAO made us laugh. That's the complexity of the decision.


TaterDAO core mission is to develop data standards and processes allowing digital organizations to manage, buy, sell, and lease real property using smart contracts, decentralized financial and legal structures. The core primitives begin with the TaterDAO NFT platform that will quickly enable parties to mint and manage real world asset NFT's to use in their ventures.

If that's too lofty and confusing for you. We'd like to help you make money and do so more efficiently with the financial rails enabled by web3.


Portrait of James McCall

James McCall

is a former practicing attorney and accounting/finance professional, who left the doldrums of white collar work to the wide-open spaces of agri-finance. He is currently a VP for a land and mortgage company where he originates and services a large agricultural commercial loan portfolio. James is also the founder of agritech company Farmapper, a cloud-based mapping application built for farmers, ranchers, landlords and more. An early-adopter, he's been in the Web3 and crypto space since 2014, with a desire to improve land transfer transactions. He's been an active member of LexDAO, since 2019. He can be found on Twitter @taterdao and @mccallios.

Portrait of Nick Rishwain, JD

Nick Rishwain, JD

, is a VP of business development at a Web2 legal technology and expert witness marketing platform. Formerly a local government employee, Nick was frustrated with the inefficiency that plagues bureaucracies and decided to venture into the private sector. He is a real estate agent and investor with experience in commercial and multifamily residential real estate. He was brought into the Web3 and crypto space by friends in LexDAO in 2020. He can be found on Twitter @taterdao and @NickJRishwain.

Portrait of Will Holley

Will Holley

is the founder and CTO of 721 Labs where he pioneered the usage of NFTs as property titles for Real World Assets such as luxury Rolexes, fine art, and cultural collectibles. He currently runs an independent chapter of RadicalxChange focused on developing token standards for Partial Common Ownership, and is on Twitter @waholleyiv.


Are you in the agricultural industry? The real estate industry? Have you heard that you can transfer property via NFT? Wondering how to transfer real property in a more efficient manner? Don't want to miss out on incorporating blockchain into your farm or real estate practice? Haven't got a clue what the hell we're talking about but you know there's something happening in crypto and Blockchain and you want to see if it is right for your business? Hit us at consult@taterdao.com.